‘Teen Wolf’ Star Arden Cho Gives Brutally Honest Take on Her Experience With Racism

‘Teen Wolf’ Star Arden Cho Gives Brutally Honest Take on Her Experience With Racism‘Teen Wolf’ Star Arden Cho Gives Brutally Honest Take on Her Experience With Racism
“Teen Wolf” star Arden Cho recently posted a video detailing her irritating experience in regards to racism and how ethnicity shouldn’t be considered as a big deal. Before the 31-year-old actress came to be known as Kira Yukimura in the hit series “Teen Wolf” she experienced a rough childhood filled with racism.
According to AsAmNews, Cho posted a lengthy video on YouTube detailing her experience with racism and how it’s been incessantly annoying her. The “Teen Wolf” star always had experiences where strangers would ask her “what” she is.
While Cho already identifies herself as American, she still gets “rude” questions from people asking her where she “really” comes from. Cho constantly had to explain to people that both her parents are Korean but she was born in Texas.
Despite Cho’s attempts at explaining herself, the actress admits that the constant probing of her ethnicity is getting on her nerves. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of people poking fun at her race as she recalls people bowing at her in jest and guys constantly telling her “Konnichiwa baby!”
The “Teen Wolf” actress had been dealing with racism her entire life as she revealed that she’s been called “every single racial slur” an Asian can be called:
“I’ve grown up with racism my entire life… I’ve been bullied, sent to the hospital, beat up, I’ve been called a Chink and a Gook, every single racial slur an Asian person can be called, I’ve been called it.”
Cho was also annoyed by the fact that people make race and ethnicity such a big deal when she believes that it shouldn’t even be an issue.
“I’m so tired of people telling me what I am and what I’m not … I’m so tired of people saying you have to look a certain way to be American.”
With all that said, the actress reiterated the fact that our ethnicity doesn’t define who we are and it doesn’t change the fact that we’re all human beings.
Meanwhile, racism still seems to be a major problem not only in America but in their neighboring countries as well. In previous report, a Toronto resident was told by racists that he should go back to his country even when he already identifies as a proud Canadian.
Check out Cho’s video below:
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