Teen Uses a ‘Pick-Up Lime’ to Score a Date, Still Gets Friend-Zoned

Teen Uses a ‘Pick-Up Lime’ to Score a Date, Still Gets Friend-Zoned
Khier Casino
March 2, 2017
Michael Nguyen of Richmond Hill, Georgia has become an Internet sensation after he asked a girl at his school by offering her a “a pick-up lime.”
The 17-year-old and his classmate, Natalie Salguero, who is also 17, have gotten to know each other and have even become friends for a while.
But Nguyen recently wanted to take their friendship to the next level by asking Salguero for her number, according to BuzzFeed.
He took the creative route by writing his phone number down on a lime and giving the citrus fruit to her.
Salguero thought it was a joke at first, but then another student in their class asked Nguyen why he scribbled his number down on the lime.
And he said so seriously, ‘I made it for her’,” Salguero told the Huffington Post. “Which caused everyone in the class to say, ‘Aww’ and I just laughed it off because my face was so red.
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She said she found the “pick-up lime” to be pretty hilarious and decided to share it on Twitter.
Users thought it was the perfect way to break the ice for getting to know a girl.
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Nguyen was nervous about talking to girls, so he was inspired to do a different take on a post he stumbled upon on Tumblr, which outlined how to confess your love to someone using “several dozen limes.
Not only did the teen get a laugh from his potential date, but he gained a reputation at their school as the “lime guy,” a nickname which he put in his Twitter bio.
Nguyen has received a ton of support from Twitter users, giving him the confidence to ask Salguero for her number.
Sadly, he got friend-zoned.
We still talk in class all the time,” Salguero said. “He’s a good friend.
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