Teen Trump Supporters Target Filipina IHOP Waitress With Racist ‘Tip’

An IHOP waitress of Filipina descent has received a racist “tip” from a group of high school students in Virginia Beach.
Their message: “Build that wall, Trump Daddy.”
Rachel Mau said she served the teenagers on Friday night, but there weren’t any issues. The customers returned the following morning, and that’s when she received the rude remarks.
“It’s very hurtful. I’ve never actually experienced anything like that so it really hurt my feelings. I’m a really friendly person, and I try to be nice to all my tables.” Rachel told WTKR:
Shocked, Rachel was left wondering what just happened, “I didn’t know if I did something wrong while I was waiting on them or anything.”
“I just can’t believe people are that bold to put something like that on a credit card receipt, especially since it didn’t seem like anything was wrong. If they had a problem with something I was doing or how I looked, they could’ve asked for someone else,” she told 13News Now.
The customers left comments on two receipts, one of which referred to Trump’s wall, while the other said “Nah” on the space allotted for tip.
Rachel could not believe the source of such offensive remarks: “I was shocked they would even have an opinion like that being in high school. I don’t think it’s respectful to write that about anybody at all… I feel sorry for people who do experience this. I now know how they feel, and that’s why I want to spread the word on why you shouldn’t treat people like that.”
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