Teen Posing as Singapore Airlines Pilot Scams 50 People, Molests 15-Year-Old Girl

A 19-year-old boy who pretended to be a Singapore Airlines pilot has been arrested for molesting a 15-year-old girl in Hong Kong.

According to The Independent, the boy, surnamed Sit, met the victim at a cafe on September 10. Inside, he claimed that his phone ran out of battery and needed to get his charger from the airport; he asked her to accompany him and she agreed. They boarded a bus, where Sit started to grab her breasts but reportedly stopped when the girl scolded him out loud. She then filed a police report on September 13, which ultimately led to his arrest.

Upon his arrest, it was discovered that Sit carried a fake ID which enabled him pose as a “First Officer,” akin to a co-pilot and functions as second-in-command aboard an aircraft.

Singapore Airlines has confirmed that Sit is not one of their pilots.

After his arrest, his victim posted the experience on social media, where at least 50 other people came forward with accounts of his indecent behavior. One person claimed that he stayed at her place and refused to move out, while others commented that he failed to pay a dinner bill and refused to repay debts.

According to the Asia Times, the young man lured his victims on WhatsApp, claiming that he was a co-pilot to impress potential victims.


Sit is reportedly out on bail but ordered to face authorities in October.

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