Teen Dies of Heart Attack After Suicide Attempt from Failing College Entrance Exam, Getting Scammed

A teenager from Bohol province, Philippines died from a heart attack after failing her college entrance exam and getting duped out of thousands of Philippine pesos.

Camiel Ann Humol, a 19-year-old resident of Barangay Santo Tomas in Trinidad town, Bohol died on June 1 after she was rushed into the hospital for cutting herself in an apparent suicide attempt, Filipino Times reported.

Humol reportedly became hysterical while admitted at Gov. Celestino Gallares Hospital in Tagbilaran before suffering a heart attack.

According to her mother, the teenager, whose dream is to become a teacher, felt terrible when she failed her college entrance exam at the Trinidad Municipal College. They also learned later on that she was duped out of 50,000 Philippine pesos ($970).

It was discovered that Humol’s grandmother received a scam text from someone claiming to be an attorney from a government agency telling her that she won 700,000 Philippine pesos ($13,580).

This person, identified as someone named Ramon Lopez, told Humol’s grandmother that in order to cash in their winning, they have to pay a 50,000 processing fee. The teen then convinced her grandmother to borrow money, sell their cow, and pawn their farm to pay the fee.

The teen started paying Lopez the money since April 17 up to May 24; however, she came short of 1,600 ($31) when she was about to complete the 50,000 fee just days before her death.

Her family plans to seek help from authorities to help identify and locate the scammer who sent them the message.

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