Teen Girl Allegedly Gets Hit By a Car After Playing Pokémon Go, Mom Freaks Out

Autumn Diesroth, 15, was allegedly hit by a car after playing “Pokemon Go”.
The incident happened near the intersection of Ross Street and East Ninth Avenue in Tarentum, Pennsylvania, WPXI reported. Autumn was trying to cross the street.
Tracy Nolan, Autumn’s mother, explained how her daughter got into “Pokemon Go,” “She said, ‘Mom, I heard about this ‘Pokemon Go,’ and I want to play it. Give me your phone.’”
Autumn eventually got hold of her mother’s phone and started playing. It did not take long before the game led her to a major highway where she was struck. The driver did not leave her until she was rushed to the hospital.
Nolan advised other parents, “Parents, don’t let your kids play this game because you don’t want to go through what I went through last night. I really thought I was losing my daughter.”
Autumn’s case follows a series of good and bad events associated with “Pokemon Go.” For one, the game also met its first major car crash on Tuesday, when a New York man bumped his way into a tree. The 28-year-old driver was found disoriented upon rescue.
On a brighter side, the game was found to be promising for autistic kids, lonely dogs and people who want to pursue it as a new “profession.”
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