Teen Girl Charged For Fatally Shooting Chinese Grandpa in Nashville

Teen Girl Charged For Fatally Shooting Chinese Grandpa in Nashville
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January 5, 2018
Myeisha Brown, 16, was arrested on Wednesday in connection with fatally shooting 74-year-old Ruxin Wang while he was bringing in the garbage can outside his Nashville, Tennessee home on the morning of Nov. 9.
Brown is charged with criminal homicide in the death of Wang, a retired Chinese education ministry official, and is currently being held in juvenile detention, according to police.
Witnesses reported seeing several young people run from the scene of the crime on Claiborne Street to the J.C. Napier public housing development.
Weeks of investigations and interviews eventually led the metro police to Brown, who reportedly did not want to speak to detectives after her arrest. A motive in the shooting has not been released by police.
Wang’s son, Yun Wang, told WKRN that he is learning to deal with the loss of his father, but that his mother is having a difficult time coping.
“She saw him lying there lifeless and that is really traumatic and even now my mom still has nightmares. Last night she was crying in her sleep,” Yun told the station.
“I tried to let them enjoy their retirement life. I take them traveling across the world. I just didn’t know it would end up like this,” he added.
Wang and his wife, who had moved to Nashville from China after retirement, had on only lived in the Claiborne Street house for a few months. The family have since transferred to another home following the shooting.
Yun created a GoFundMe page for justice for his father, who he describes as honest, caring and loving.
“It has been an excruciatingly long month for my family since that dark day,” Yun wrote. “We are extremely grateful for the hard work that police department put into this case, especially detective Desmond Sumerel. We hope the justice will be served and the criminal will be punished accordingly.”
The Davidson County District Attorney’s Office announced on Thursday that it would try Brown as an adult, the Tennessean reported.
Featured Image via GoFundMe, YouTube / NewsChannel 5
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