Teen Dedicates Her Life to Care For Severely Disabled Father

Teen Dedicates Her Life to Care For Severely Disabled Father
Bryan Ke
November 8, 2017
Meet Ma Xinyang, a 13-year-old student from Heilongjiang Province, northeast China whose 
Ma, a second-year junior high school student in Wudalianchi No. 2 Middle School, has been taking care of her father ever since he got into a terrible accident that left him in a vegetative state, according to China Daily.
She’s been preparing her father breakfast everyday for three years now, getting up as early as 5 a.m. and feeding him through a tube before she goes to school.
Image via China Daily
My father stayed in hospital for seven months. Fortunately, his life was saved, but the doctor told my mother and me that he would remain in a vegetative state unless there was a miracle. We believe there will be a miracle, Ma said.
The teenager had to grow up overnight as the accident drastically changed her family’s life.
I was clear that I could no longer be a flower in the greenhouse. I should help my mother who carries the heavy burden of my family,” Ma said.
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Ma learned not only how to do household chores at a very young age — such as cooking, tidying the room and washing clothes — but she also picked up a few nursing skills when her father was still at the hospital.
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Despite all that’s happened, Ma is still performing remarkably well in her studies at school, and continues to rank as the top student in her class.
My father will be unhappy if I neglected my studies because of him,” she said. “Therefore I have to double my efforts to get good results, which will be the best present for him.”
Even though her father is unresponsive and remains in a vegetative state, Ma still reads him stories.
I like to read the stories my father read to me when I was a little girl, as they remind me of the happy memories of the past. I believe the days will be back soon,” she said.
Ma’s selfless act is paying off as her father is apparently in a good state of health, according to her mother, Wang Changrong.
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My daughter provides me great help and support,” the girl’s mother said. “Her father is in good condition even though he hasn’t regained consciousness. His face is glowing and his weight has risen from 60 kilograms to 80 after leaving hospital.
Because of her unconditional love, she was awarded “Most Beautiful Filial Piety Juvenile”. The title was given to her during a public service activity hosted by CCTV at the end of October.
Ma is the first person to ever receive such recognition in the whole province.
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