Teen in China Miraculously Survives Falling 50 Feet After Bungee Jump Fail

A teenage girl in China survived a 50-foot plunge into a river during a bungee jump that failed to pull her back.

The incident took place at the Shidu Natural Park in Beijing’s Fangshan District on Friday, The Beijing Times reported.

In a video of the incident, the 17-year-old tourist can be seen bungee jumping without issue until the rope failed to pull her back.

After plunging into the water, the Tianjin-native was rushed to Fangshan No. 1 Hospital for treatment. She is reportedly in stable condition now.

As per South China Morning Post, initial investigations revealed that the accident resulted from an “inappropriate setting” of the rope.

There was also some confusion that occurred among staff members during the jump while trying to communicate via gestures.

As a result, the manager and staff members responsible for the jump were suspended. The activity was also suspended during the investigation.

Watch the terrifying bungee jump below via Pear Video:

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