Teen Who Asked GOT7’s Jackson Wang to Prom for 365 Days Finally Gets a Response

Teen Who Asked GOT7’s Jackson Wang to Prom for 365 Days Finally Gets a Response
Bryan Ke
June 1, 2018
Superstars and idols don’t typically pay much attention to such projects, but something miraculous happened when the 24-year-old singer and rapper of GOT7 actually dropped by in the comment section of Zhang’s post, noting that he saw the article.
He left two comments and even asked who she went to prom with!
Zhang launched her Instagram promposal project on May 12, 2017, with the hope of convincing Wang to go as her date to the prom, which took place exactly 365 days after she shared the post.
“In exactly 365 days, it’ll be my prom, and I want to ask Jackson Wang from GOT7 to prom. I got7 people I want to go to prom with but I only want you”
Zhang demonstrated her pure dedication by posting every single day until the day of her prom.
“Roses are red, violets are blue I would love to go to prom with you”
Using her humorous puns, rhyming talent, and budding photoshop skills, which evidently improved over the months of the project, she managed to attract many followers on the Instagram account she made with the handle jacksonwangprom.
“Let’s start a relationCHIP at prom”
However, things did not exactly work out as expected as Wang was not able to come to Zhang’s prom. Instead, she went with a cardboard cutout of the K-pop singer.
At least she knows that her idol had noticed her, which is the best gift one can receive for such a special day.
“I can’t get my HEAD WRAPped around the idea of going to prom with you.”
Images via Instagram / jacksonwangprom
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