Teen Accidentally Sets His Face on Fire After Trying to Impress His Friends

What started off as nothing more than showing off a trick to friends ended up being a total disaster for a 16-year-old kid in China after he set his face on fire during a fire-breathing demonstration.

The incident happened at a street corner in Gaoyou county, in eastern-central China’s Jiangsu Province, when the unnamed individual attempted to perform a fire-breathing performance for his friends, according to Shanghaiist.

Video from the incident shows the young man was somewhat successful in breathing fire at first, but it soon took a drastic turn when the fireball came back to him and immediately engulfed his face.

As said in the report, the kid learned how to perform fire-breathing from his Taoist priest father, and had often performed the feat at several occasions in the past, including at a wedding. The incident certainly baffled people who knew him with what went wrong with the trick.

The young man was immediately rushed to the hospital to tend the burns that reportedly covered most of his face.

Images via QQ

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