After 29 Years, the Sega Genesis is Making a Comeback in Brazil

After almost three decades since the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) was launched, Sega’s beloved console is making a comeback with a target release date of 2017. The reissued version, called the Mega Drive Limited Edition, will be produced and distributed by Brazilian company Tectoy in Brazil. The firm has previously distributed all of Sega’s gaming systems from the Master System to the Dreamcast locally, reports RocketNews24.

There have been several clones and copy versions produced in the past, but since the Mega Drive Limited Edition is officially licensed by Sega, expect a high quality product reminiscent of the original.

The system will not be an upgraded version and will have the same audio/graphics specs as the original. However, it will have an internal memory that will come loaded with 22 games, including Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Shinobi 3, Arrow Flash, and other classics. The old cartridge slot is retained of course, but a Micro SD slot will be added to accommodate games stored in ROMs.

Just like the original, the Mega Drive Limited Edition will use the old-school video and audio cable jacks. According to Tectoy, the omission of an HDMI output would keep manufacturing costs down. The lack of such feature is not a deal breaker in the part of the world anyway as most TVs in Brazil don’t even support the format yet.

Tectoy will also release the system with the original three-button controller, with a possible available upgrade in the future of the six-button controller used in many popular games in the 90’s.

The Mega Drive Limited Edition has a planned official release in June of next year with a price of $449 Brazilian reals ($138) and is currently available for pre-orders on Tectoy’s website.

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