5 Asian Americans Are Running For California’s 53rd Assembly District

5 Asian Americans Are Running For California’s 53rd Assembly District5 Asian Americans Are Running For California’s 53rd Assembly District
Carl Samson
January 8, 2019
Five Asian Americans are running in a team of 14-strong progressives to become delegates of the California Democratic Party’s 53rd Assembly District.
They are Valerie Chow, Nancy Kim, Maikiko James, Christopher Myers and Kristina Wong of Team Ordinary Citizen.
The Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMS) are held every two years to elect 14 Assembly District Delegates (ADDs) to represent the district they are registered as a Democrat in.
This year, the 53rd ADEM takes place on Jan. 12 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Boys and Girls Club Estrada Courts – Gym at 3232 Estrada Street, Los Angeles.
Valerie Chow
Chow, a veteran media maker and founder of Thirsty Tiger TV, is a lifelong registered Democrat who believes that a living wage, healthcare, affordable housing, humane immigration policies and a sustainable planet are human rights.
As a delegate, she vows to be a strong voice “to keep the pressure on the Democratic Party to focus on Progressive values that benefit all Californians.”
Nancy Kim
Kim, a trilingual union organizer for California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, is a Koreatown-native who has worked with various local community organizations such as Koreatown Youth & Community Center (KYCC) and Children’s Bureau Magnolia Place.
She is passionate in public campaign finance, Medicare-for-All, rent control, a humane and compassionate immigration policy reform, and strengthening labor unions and public education.
Maikiko James
James, a program director with 17 years of experience as art and social issues administrator, is a “proud daughter of radical progressives” who has worked in youth justice, theatre, public interest legal support for survivors and families, and impact and feminist media.
As a delegate, she aims to hold the Democratic Party “accountable to all Californians, not the wealthiest, and fight for policies which ensure people not only have access to, but actually receive what they need to live liberated and healthy lives on a thriving planet.”
Christopher Myers
Myers is a food bank worker who runs again to hold party legislators accountable to the needs of poor and marginalized people.
The only deaf Assembly District Delegate in California, he has “fought to make the party more accessible, endorse progressive candidates, and challenge the dominant narrative of the corporate-controlled establishment” during his term.
Kristina Wong
Performance artist and comedian Wong draws a community organizing experience from her creative background, which has brought her to various places in North America, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Africa.
She believes that access to shelter, education, employment, and clean food, water and air is a human right and will prioritize affordable housing, free accessible education and a cleaner environment when elected.
Team Ordinary Citizen describes itself as made of “true progressives” with “no establishment ties and backroom deals.”
Completing the 14 members are Angie Brown, Derek Marshall, Jasmyne Cannick, Josh Mayer, Chris Roth, Carlos Saravia, Blanca Montes, Beau Smith and Jack Suria Linares.
You can learn more about Ordinary Citizen on their page.
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