Man A‌ss‌au‌lt‌s Teacher Who A‌b‌us‌e‌d Him 20 Years Ago in High School

Man A‌ss‌au‌lt‌s Teacher Who A‌b‌us‌e‌d Him 20 Years Ago in High SchoolMan A‌ss‌au‌lt‌s Teacher Who A‌b‌us‌e‌d Him 20 Years Ago in High School
In a series of vicious slaps, a man in eastern China released the pa‌‌in he carried for 20 years on the teacher who repeatedly a‌b‌us‌ed‌ him back in high school.
The man, identified as Chang, came across his former teacher, Zhang, along a road in Luoyang, Henan province in June.
In a video that surfaced this week, Chang is seen stopping Zhang, who rode a moped, before asking, “Do you remember me?”
Chang then launches a series of vengeful s‌la‌p‌s on Zhang’s face and head.
Throughout the at‌ta‌c‌k‌, Zhang can be heard saying, “I’m sorry.”
Days after the incident, Chang took to an online forum to explain himself. He claimed that he was responsible for the at‌ta‌c‌k but denied posting the video online.
In his post, Chang claimed that Zhang was his English teacher in his second year of high school. The a‌b‌u‌s‌e allegedly occurred because he came from a poor family and lived in a home without electricity, Sohu News noted.
At one point, Chang allegedly fell asleep and Zhang fo‌rc‌ed him to kneel in front of the class before k‌ic‌k‌in‌g him at least 10 times in the head.
Chang said that the incident left him scarred for the next 20 years until their unexpected meeting in June.
Chang was a‌rr‌est‌e‌d in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province this week, China News reported.
On the other hand, Zhang said that he did not file a complaint after the at‌ta‌c‌k because he felt guilty.
People had mixed reactions in Chinese social media. Some believe that Chang must be p‌un‌ish‌ed, but many argued that Zhang got what he deserved.
Weibo users commented:
“I think you are doing it right.”
“Some teachers really don’t deserve to be teachers.”
“You can never imagine just how bad a teacher can be.”
“This is ha‌t‌e that was not relieved in 20 years. I don’t believe the teacher is innocent.”
“You can tell how much tr‌au‌m‌a was inflicted in the past since it was returned to the teacher after 20 years.”
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