Teacher With History of Raping Young Girls Hired at Prestigious Beijing School

Teacher With History of Raping Young Girls Hired at Prestigious Beijing SchoolTeacher With History of Raping Young Girls Hired at Prestigious Beijing School
Robert John Robertson, a former teacher in Canada, is reportedly teaching in Beijing after being stripped of his credentials for a history of sexual misconduct.
Robertson, who is believed to be in his 60s, was first accused of engaging in illicit sexual activities while teaching at British Columbia’s Richmond High School in 1976, the Richmond News reported.
At the time, Robertson had sexual relations with three girls who were 15 and 16 years old.
He even enjoyed a period when “many teenage girls actually vied for his attentions,” according to the BC Teacher Regulation Branch, which stripped him of his teaching credentials in 2016.
The Richmond School Board suspended Robertson, but the teacher took the opportunity to resign from his position and applied for another job in Vancouver.
Robertson then worked at the Vancouver School Board between 1976 and 2006. He was, however, investigated once again for another case of misconduct, and resigned before he was fired.
Robertson’s misconduct was again brought to light in 2005, when one of his victims saw him in a newspaper.
“She had thought he had been disciplined by the Richmond School Board and that that period of her life was over and done with. She became distressed discovering that no disciplinary action had taken place at all,” the hearing panel at the BC Teacher Regulation Branch wrote in its decision.
As seen on his LinkedIn profile, Robertson now appears to be teaching at a prestigious school in Beijing, according to the Vancouver SunHe teaches English, physical education and communications to students in Grades 7, 8 and 9.
In addition, he reportedly looks after girl’s softball, soccer and volleyball. His profile summary reads:
“Want to complete my last few working years developing student athletic abilities and attitudes and direct youth to reaching their goals.”
Robertson lists the Huijia Education Organization as his current employer, and the BC Liquor Distribution Branch and Canadian Airlines as his past employers on his LinkedIn profile.
He does not list his teaching experience at Richmond High School.
[Update] Robertson has resign from his position, according to Vancouver Sun. He released the following statement:
“I resigned today as a result of your article,” Robertson writes in an e-mail. “I did not need B.C. certification to teach in China! Just a degree … which I have.”
My family has been dealing with this for years and this information was already published!” it reads. “Throwing it back into their faces has of course angered people again, but as you can see, they never had the full story! I spent 40 years righting a wrong!”
In a statement, Robertson contends that his behaviour was influenced by “drug and alcohol induced stupidity” and that Richmond School Board officials allowed him to seek work in another district and told him “keep your nose clean.”
Read his full statement at the Vancouver Sun.
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