No, Taylor Swift Will Not Make $365 Million This Year

No, Taylor Swift Will Not Make $365 Million This Year
Laura Dang
October 20, 2015
Contrary to popular belief and wild headlines, Taylor Swift is not on her way to generating $1 million a day for 2015.
A weekend report released by Express inaccurately reported that the 25-year-old will generate the equivalent of $1 million a day through ticket sales, merchandise, publishing, music and endorsements, citing unnamed “U.S. financial experts who examined her portfolio.”
While Swift will likely be the highest earning musician in the world this year, her actual take-home for 2015 will fall between $100 and $200 million, according to Forbes.
This is all thanks to her record-breaking “1989” album that became the fastest-selling album in over a decade. Her 1989 world tour, which consists of 59 concerts across North America, Europe and Asia and is set to run until the end of December, will rake in an estimated $280 million in ticket sales. Her book deals, merchandise and bankable endorsement deals with Coca-Cola and Elizabeth Arden may bring in at most $75 million more, making the most generous estimates of her earning power still under $365 million.
Of course, she will only take home a third of the total amount generated by the Taylor Swift brand.
Taylor Swift’s rise to stardom is not exactly a rags-to-riches tale. The famous country-turned-pop star came from a relatively well-off farm family in Pennsylvania. Her mother, Andrea, is a retired mutual fund marketing executive, while her father, Scott, is a Merrill Lynch wealth management adviser who is largely credited with her successful financial strategy.
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