Taxi in China Narrowly Avoids Fatal Crash After Circus Monkey Tries to Hijack it

An agitated circus monkey’s mad attempt to carjack a moving vehicle almost killed his owner, a taxi driver and himself in China.

The taxi driver, only identified with his surname Liu, almost ended up in an accident after a passenger’s trained circus monkey, who probably got bored while in transit, suddenly grabbed his car’s steering wheel. Surprised by the aggressive monkey, Liu almost lost control of the car, barely avoiding a collision on the busy streets of Qingdao, reported NetEase (via Shanghaiist).

It was revealed later that the passengers he picked up were trying to find their way home after getting lost in the city. Wang, the monkey’s owner, is reportedly the director of a local circus. He and his monkey were taking a stroll when they lost their way and decided to hail a cab. Liu gave them a lift, but didn’t expect that the monkey would jump to the front seat and grab hold of the wheel.

Liu pulled the car over and ordered Wang to pay his fee and get out, but Wang initially refused. Eventually the police were called to settle the matter.

In the monkey’s defense, Wang claims the monkey is used to handling steering wheels as he was trained to ride a mono-cycle for one of his acts.

While no one was injured during the incident, the local police who responded to the scene stated that taxi drivers have a right to refuse service to passengers with pets.

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