BuzzFeed Condemns White People For Whitewashing Asian Food, Then Whitewashes Asian Food

Ok Tasty, I admit it, you are one of my guilty pleasures. You regularly provide me with some of the best food porn ever. But seriously, WTF is this shit!?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Tasty (a property owned by BuzzFeed), decided to take one of Asia’s most iconic dishes, and completely ruin it. The irony with all this is that BuzzFeed recently released an article condemning white people for ruining ethnic dishes.

Tasty recently released a recipe video showing how to create “Thanksgiving” fried rice. Here are some of the ingredients.

Who, in their right mind, would think putting Brussels sprouts in fried rice is ever a good idea?

SWEET POTATOES!? SWEET MF POTATOES!? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Of course, you need to add turkey, because you know — it’s “Thanksgiving”.

Of course regular rice isn’t good enough. Lets put wild rice instead because it’s much better! NOT!

They had to add soy sauce to make it “authentic”.

BuzzFeed editorial team be like: “Hey! Lets throw a bunch of “Thanksgiving ingredients” together, fry it all in a pan, and call it “Thanksgiving fried rice!” *BARF*

C’mon guys, even people in the comments are clowning on you!

Seriously guys, just stop. Either learn how to make fried rice properly or leave it to us Asians to handle it. You’ve already taken over Hollywood with that whitewashing bullshit, but keep that shit out of our kitchen.


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