Police A‌rr‌e‌st ‘Racist’ Woman Who R‌obb‌ed Filipina-Canadian Woman On Toronto Subway

Police A‌rr‌e‌st ‘Racist’ Woman Who R‌obb‌ed Filipina-Canadian Woman On Toronto Subway
Editorial Staff
August 3, 2018
The woman who was caught on camera last week har‌assi‌ng and robbing her Asian victim on a moving subway train in Toronto has reportedly been ar‌re‌ste‌d,
According to Toronto po‌lic‌e, 19-year-old Tashia James, of no fixed address, surrendered to po‌lic‌e on Wednesday at 1:30 a.m. and was cha‌rg‌ed with r‌obb‌ery‌ and failure to comply with probation.
The racially ch‌arg‌ed incident, which was captured on video and posted online by a witness, happened on July 28 on a Line 1 train near Eglinton Ave. W. station.
In the widely-shared clip, a young woman wearing a black Toronto Blue Jays T-shirt can be heard screaming “GO BACK TO CHINA!” repeatedly at someone who was not initially visible.
According to the victim, Marilyn Quijencio, the woman had asked for a cigarette and became aggressive after she wasn’t given one.
“I said, ‘Go to work, so that you have money,’” Quijencio, a Filipino-Canadian, told CTV News in an interview.
James responded by calling Quijencio an immigrant and told her should “go back to China.”
Quijencio believes James grabbed her phone because she thought she was being filmed.
In the footage taken by another passenger, James claimed she wanted Quijencio’s phone to delete any video she may have recorded.
However, when the subway train doors opened at the nearest stop, the woman hopped off the platform and fled with Quijencio’s phone.
“She ran faster than me. After that I never saw her again,” Quijencio said.
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