Boba Pop-Up Theme Park Open in Tokyo for a Limited Time

Boba Pop-Up Theme Park Open in Tokyo for a Limited TimeBoba Pop-Up Theme Park Open in Tokyo for a Limited Time
If you’re thrilled about boba tea shops with expansive menus and interesting tapioca concoctions, you’re going to want to visit this Insta-worthy boba pop-up. 
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Tokyo Tapioca Land, possibly paradise for every boba lover, is a limited-time themed space featuring tapioca drink stands, tapioca photo booths and tapioca-inspired decor.
The space, which opened on Aug. 13, sits in a relatively new shopping area called “jing,” a two-minute walk from East Japan Railway’s Harajuku Station and directly accessible from Tokyo Metro’s Meiji Jingu-mae Station.
Entrance to Tokyo Tapioca Land costs 1,200 yen (about $12), which includes a welcome drink. Elementary school students and younger children may enter for free. 
SoraNews24, which sent a resident foodie to visit the place last month, described it as similar to “a supermarket food court, or perhaps a pop-up event space at a department store.”
“It was spread out across one floor, and was the size of a small gymnasium. There weren’t enough chairs and tables for all visitors, so it was hard for Mr Sato to really enjoy the bubble tea whilst standing,” SoraNews24 wrote.
“As he looked around, nothing really screamed ‘tapioca’ to him other than the drinks. In fact, after a while, Mr Sato forgot what type of ‘land’ he was meant to be in.”
That visit, however, took place only days after the grand opening, and the space appears to have expanded since then, judging by posts on its official Twitter page.
There seems to be much decor and installations, bringing the event a little bit closer to being a “dreamland.”
Tokyo Tapioca Land has also held events with J-pop stars — including KAMIYADO members Mika Ichinose, Kira Shiomi, Miki Hashima, Mei Hashima and Hina Koyama — and even Roland, a male geisha known as Japan’s “King of Hosts.”
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The pop-up also started selling food in late August.
Those who want a punch of alcohol and boba may enjoy “Tapioca Land Night.”
And of course, there’s unique merchandise that will not be available elsewhere!
The pop-up will only be open until Monday night, so now might be the best time to drop by Tokyo Tapioca Land — especially if you’re a true blue boba addict.
Images via Twitter / @tapioca_land
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