Japanese Man Adopts Wild Dog That Looks Like an Adorable Raccoon

During recent snow storm, Japanese Twitter users discovered the account of one man who has a legitimately legendary animal living in his home.
It’s called a Tanuki, and while it’s often mistaken as a badger or a raccoon, it’s actually a type of dog.
Unlike dogs, however, Tanukis don’t bark, but they do growl and have a high pitched whine.
Twitter user Chibi_Tori found his Tanuki, which he named Tanu, after he was abandoned — he has been raising him in his home since June.
According to Japanese legend, the tanuki has a reputation for being mischievous, jolly, gullible and absent minded, but they are also known as shapeshifting masters of disguise.
Chibi_Tori’s tanuki eats pretty much anything and loves to hang out by the heater during the winter.
Tanukis are actually further away from dogs than wolves are, they are nocturnal, and in the wild, they hibernate during the winter. 
In captivity, they don’t hibernate, but they do become very lethargic and sleep a lot during the winter.
While they look cute and cuddly, Tanukis are wild animals — they are not bred domestically and it’s heavily advised that they not be kept as pets.
They can be unpredictable since they are not known to develop relations with humans and your living room likely doesn’t resemble it’s natural habitat.
Tanukis are not legal in the United States without an exotic animal permit.
Is the tanuki too cute not to have? Or would letting this mischievous little animal in your home be a mistake?
You can check out Chibi_Tori’s Twitter for more adorable pics of Tanu’s adventures! 
h/t: Buzzfeed
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