Japanese Parents Abandon 7-Year-Old in Hokkaido Forest to Teach Him a Lesson, Immediately Regret It

One couple in Japan made a horrible decision in abandoning their young child in the mountains just to punish him for disobedience.

According to RocketNews24 (via NHK), local authorities in Hokkaido received a report from Mr. and Mrs. Tanooka on Saturday (May 28) that their 7-year-old son, Yamato, got lost at the foot of the 3,711-foot Mt. Komagatake, an active volcano in the area.

A search party was immediately assembled and dispatched but a day after an extensive sweep of the area, Yamato is still yet to be found.

The parents initially told the police that their son got lost in the forest while searching for fruits during an outdoor trip. However, further investigation and questioning revealed that the boy was in fact punished for not following orders from the parents.

To discipline their son, the couple reportedly stopped their car by a road near Komagatake very late in the afternoon. After ordering the child to get out of their car, the husband and wife drove away, leaving the poor boy by himself in the middle of Hokkaido’s woodlands.

The couple said they returned to the site immediately but their son was already nowhere to be found.

Authorities have dispatched both ground and air search parties via helicopters to cover more areas but Yamato is still missing as of Monday.

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