Meet the Woman Leading the Indian Saree Revolution in Australia

Meet the Woman Leading the Indian Saree Revolution in Australia

July 7, 2017
Meet Tanaya Das.
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Ever since she was a small child, she had always loved wearing the saree, a traditional Indian garment made from a very long (yards long) piece of cloth draped around the body.
Moving to Australia didn’t put a damper on this love affair — instead, she decided to work on creating a community of women that shared her passion.
Thus, Pleats N Pallu, a blog with accompanying Instagram page, was born, and the internet rejoiced in the simple beauty (and straight up magic) of her photos and stories.
Tanaya Das Saree
In an interview with Indian Women Blog, Das explains how the project came to be:
I observed that there was an online pattern of pictures showing women in sarees. You know the fair, slim, tall, straight-haired model-types in typical sequined saree just posing in a studio? There is no problem with those kinds of photos, but they annoyed me since they were the only variety you find when you Google the word ‘saree’ or ‘sari.’
“Pleats N Pallu’s narrative is focused on celebrating all types of bodies. It is a project started in Australia to celebrate diverse women who believe that a saree is much more than just yards of fabric.”
Guns N Roses Saree
Das has inspired other women with her stunning photos and captivating stories to come forward and share their own.
Pleats N Pallu’s Instagram page is full of other women in their sarees, their love shining through in each post.
The plan is to grow the tribe of like-minded individuals and keep celebrating the fierce individuality of everyone. Saree signifies this energy to me, and I desire others to feel it, too!
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We’re feeling it, Tanaya! Keep spreading the love of saree because we are so here for this!
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