Tamagotchi is Back and All 90s Kids are Excited AF

Tamagotchi is Back and All 90s Kids are Excited AFTamagotchi is Back and All 90s Kids are Excited AF
King Malleta
April 11, 2017
Remember the Japanese electronic pocket pet that everyone had in the 90s?
According to Mashable, Japanese toymaker Bandai is re-releasing the mega-famous electronic pet from 20 years ago.
Bandai said that they are keeping the original hardware design but the noticeable difference would be the size. The re-released Tamagotchis will be half the size of the ones released in the 90’s.
These miniature electronic pets were launched in Japan in 1996 and then in the U.S. and Europe the following year. Soon enough, every 90’s kid had their Tamagotchi pets which they had to feed, check on, and bathe in order for it to evolve.
Two decades later, one original Tamagotchi now costs more than five times its original price on Amazon. If it was valued around $18 back in 1997, the prized and limited memorabilia can go for as much as $130 online.
If you’re looking forward to getting one because you missed out 20 years ago or you just want to reminisce on childhood memories, it is unfortunately only available in Japan — for now.
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“I came to buy immediately at this year’s 20th anniversary,” one Twitter user said
“I got the Tamagotchi! It’s smaller than I thought it would be but oh the memories!” said another.
As expected, Tamagotchis are selling like hotcakes in Japan and only those who are lucky are able to get their hands on this prized gem.
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