There’s a Simple Japanese Breakfast That Might Be Hard For You to Eat

Those who find themselves in need of a quick fix breakfast in the morning before heading out to the world might want to consider trying a Japanese wonder meal called the Tamago Kake Gohan.
It’s so simple anyone with a rice cooker can create a “feast” in minutes.
Tamago Kake Gohan, or TKG as it is popularly called, is prepared by simply cracking a raw egg on top of a bowl of steamed rice. The idea of the raw egg may gross some people out, but this simple meal is a favorite among many Japanese and other Japanese food-loving individuals.
Some prefer adding a dash of soy sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds, mixed evenly by chopsticks.
While its preparation may not technically be classified as “cooking”, this dish was featured in the popular Japanese cookbook by for foreigners titles “Harumi’s Japanese Cooking” by culinary expert Harumi Kurihara. 
The meal is so widely recognized as a Japanese favorite that a lot of restaurants specialize in serving TKG.
While eating raw eggs does provide some health benefits (not cooking eggs help retain most of its nutrients and protein), the risk of Salmonella infection is a valid concern. It is highly advisable to make sure one is sure that the source of the eggs is fresh and Salmonella-free before trying this out.
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