Scandalous ‘All-Male Hooters’ Restaurant Opens for Business

Tallywackers is offering restaurant-goers a new spin on Hooters by featuring an all-male waiting staff that sport short shorts and bulging muscles in skin-tight tank tops.
A spokesperson for the newly opened Texas eatery told the Huffington Post that the restaurant’s name is a not-so-inconspicuous reference to men’s private parts and that it was carefully chosen to attract “beefcake-seeking diner”:
“[Owner Rodney Duke] asked himself the same question we’ve all been asking for years, “Why isn’t there a male version for the opposite demographic?” After thorough planning and scouting for the perfect location we are excited to launch Tallywackers, a Bar, Restaurant, and Live Entertainment venue here in the heart of Dallas, Texas.”
The restaurant caters to diners in Dallas’s Oak Lawn neighborhood, which boasts a large gay population, and plans for a Houston location are underway. One pleased customer told KDAF:
“I expected to see cute men scantily clad. And so far, I’m not disappointed.
“I think it’s about time men had a place to go to — gay men, at least — instead of places like Hooters and Twin Peaks.”
A spokesperson for Tallywackers told Huffpost that the restaurant caters to everyone and offers a unique dining experience:
“While we are aiming towards the LGBT community as part of our audience, we are also expecting and welcome, a diverse clientele including women.”
The bar-restaurant seems to be quite popular, with one waiter saying he has had customers come in multiple times — one customer came in five times in eight days.
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