Woman Finds More Than 40 Cockroaches in Take-out Meal

Woman Finds More Than 40 Cockroaches in Take-out MealWoman Finds More Than 40 Cockroaches in Take-out Meal
Carl Samson
March 12, 2019
A woman and her friends in southeastern China had the horror of their lives as they discovered dozens of dead cockroaches in their takeout meal.
The woman, a resident of Chenghai district in Shantou, Guangdong province ordered a braised duck dish from an unidentified food delivery platform on March 5, NetEase reported.
Everything seemed alright until one of her friends found a dead cockroach in the meal.
Alarmed, the group immediately stopped eating and began inspecting the food further.
To their shock, the dish contained more than one dead cockroach, and they found themselves laying one after another on tissue papers.
In the end, the group found at least 40 cockroaches in the dish. It’s unclear if the meal had been prepared fresh or only reheated upon order.
The woman immediately filed a complaint to the restaurant and reported the incident to the police. The matter was then brought to the local Food and Drug Administration, which has since conducted investigations.
The restaurant, which has not been identified, apologized to the woman and suspended operations for 15 days, according to Sohu News.
Weibo users commented:
“I can’t believe it.”
“This restaurant should be closed for good.”
“In this case, the duck is clearly the side dish.”
“Four is already too much. But this … 40? What is this, risotto?”
“This almost looks like an act of revenge. Perhaps staff wanted to get back at their boss?”
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