Japanese Comedian Dad Brings Daughter’s Drawings to Life Through Bento Lunchboxes

A Japanese father is going viral for preparing amazing looking bento lunches for his daughter by taking her drawings and bringing them to delicious, delicious life.

Takafumi Ozeki, a Japanese father who is also the other half of the comedic duo “The Geese”, got the idea one day after his daughter approached him with one of her drawings and asked him if he could turn into a lunchbox meal, SoraNews24 reported.

Ozeki received thousands of likes online after he posted the finished bento alongside his daughter’s drawing for comparison.

Some were quite worried that this sweet moment was just a one-time thing, but luckily, he kept updating his followers on Twitter with new pictures every once in a while.

They’re almost too cute to eat — almost.

Here’s one where she drew her own version of Mickey Mouse:

Clearly, she has artistic talent — but so does dad!

Ozeki noticed that his daughter’s illustration skill improved as time went by.

While this is good news, he couldn’t help worry that he might not be able to catch up to her artistic skill, as said in the report.

For his next challenge, Ozeki tried to recreate the drawing his daughter made of a cute tanuki character called Tanukichi-kun.

He also her drawing of Miguel and Hector from the animated movie “Coco” into a bento; Ozeki was bit worried that her teacher might mistake Hector for hitching a ride instead of showing a peace sign.

That’s a spot-on Pikachu!

We’re not sure what this is but it’s definitely creative!

Here’s one with three hippos:

Ozeki’s daughter’s best one yet is the one where she drew a pooping camel. Yep, you read that one right — a pooping camel.

Wow, even words are no match for their respective talents!

Even though she’ll gobble down the artistic lunches every day, we’re sure these bentos are something the two of them will remember for a lifetime.

Fathers going out of their way to help out their children is really something special, whether it’s by making new friends by helping break the ice through colorful lunch bags or just simply accompanying their daughter to a ballet recital by wearing a black tutu.

Featured image via Twitter / geeseojeck

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