You Can Now Book This Gorgeous Private Island In Japan on Airbnb For $4,000 a Night

You Can Now Book This Gorgeous Private Island In Japan on Airbnb For $4,000 a Night
Ryan General
July 25, 2016
A private island with a beautiful traditional Japanese house in Japan is now open for booking via Airbnb.
The entire uninhabited island called “Tajima,” which features not only a serene environment but also a variety of special activity areas, is being offered by owner Tetsuhiro to accommodate up to 100 people. It is important to note however, that the area has no electricity and no water supply, so visitors can expect a total back-to-nature experience.
The area map includes spots for  camping, kayaking, fishing, swimming, zip-lining and other activities to keep its visitors occupied, reports Rocketnews 24.
Situated off the coast of Nagasaki, the stunning island is definitely a complete nature getaway, with several outdoor amenities that include tree-houses scattered throughout the island, real rice paddies and its own towering lighthouse.
Visitors can take a ride on beautifully-crafted, hand-made floating jetty “sea house” then jump and swim in the clear ocean.
Guests can also marvel at the stars while enjoying the sounds of nature while camping in several scenic spots in the private island.
The main residence, which is a beautiful traditional Japanese farmhouse, has seven bedrooms, 26 beds and four bathrooms. The main entrance includes a traditional hearth where visitors can relax and enjoy tea.  Another perfect way to experience traditional Japan living is by bathing in large kettle-shaped iron bathtubs known as goemonburo (“Goemon bath”).
The stay on the private island, of course, is quite pricey at 424,144 yen, or $4,000, per night. While the amount may be steep for a couple’s getaway, company retreats and other functions make this AirBnb listing a perfect group or family destination.
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