Photographer Captures the Life of a Tajik Woman Married to a Chinese Migrant Worker

Photographer Captures the Life of a Tajik Woman Married to a Chinese Migrant Worker

December 8, 2016
Snapshots from a day in the life of a Tajikistan woman who recently got married to a Chinese migrant worker have now gone viral on social media in China.
Netizens have become fascinated by the life of the 24-year-old Tajik lady who was vividly captured by a local photographer, Tencent reported (via Shanghaiist).
It was four years ago in Tajikistan when Marcona (or марчона) met her husband, Wang Xuequan, who was then a migrant construction worker from Sichuan. She was reportedly working in the construction site’s kitchen where Wang used to work.
Through the help of friendly Chinese migrant workers, Marcona began learning Mandarin on her free time. She would eventually grow closer with Wang whom she discovered they shared similar backgrounds and experiences. After falling in love, they soon decided to get married.
Marcona and Wang would eventually relocate to Shanxi province with their son a few years after their wedding. Today, Marcona is a stay-at-home mom who looks after their son in their worker’s quarters while Wang goes to his daily job at the construction site.  
Marcona said she feels right at home in the dorm which is in close proximity to where her husband works.
One of Marcona’s hobbies involves taking photos of her son and posting updates on her daily life as a mother on her WeChat account. She uses both Mandarin and Tajiki in her posts.
Marcona, however, uses only Mandarin when teaching her child. She said this is because they are living in China. Everyday, she would take her son to the construction site’s cafeteria to buy and eat lunch.
“At first, I was not accustomed to Chinese food, particularly spicy Sichuan food. People in my country eat a lot of bread, but Chinese people live on rice and noodles,” she was quoted as saying. “But I have adapted to it now.”
Over the years living in China, Marcona has also learned to cook some Chinese dishes and would, on occasion, surprise her husband with Sichuan cuisine for dinner.
As a skilled carpenter, Wang earns a decent living but would return home tired after a whole day’s work. Marcona’s prepared dinner would always make him smile.
“She cooks it very well and it’s authentically Sichuan!” Wang said.
Marcona has gained many friends among other migrant workers and their families. According to her, they have always been helpful to her. Marcona is seen here performing in front of their friends by dancing to music from a smartphone.
“They are all countrymen of my husband. They all leave their homes in Sichuan to work in another city,” said Marcona. “They are also my Chinese relatives.”
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