Taiwanese Woman Stuns the Internet With Her Pet Raccoon’s Epic Haircut

One woman in Taiwan decided to show off her furry pet’s new summer haircut to the delight of the internet yesterday.
The owner of the raccoon, 33-year-old Joyce Tai, shared photos of her pet, 2-year-old Uni, to Weibo.
The light-colored raccoon’s normally thick fur coat is shaved short once a year, leaving the tail bushy as well as a an adorable paw-shaped poof on its back.
Tai also uploads photos of Uni to Facebook.
The photos have since delighted over 80,000 netizens, particularly in China where raccoons are treated as less than furry friends and more as a source of food and soft fur.
Thankfully, pet-friendly Taiwan has been known in the past to be a home of amazing haircuts for animal friends.
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