Taiwanese Woman Gives Her Grandma a Louis Vuitton Bag, Uses it in the Most Hilarious Way Possible

Many can only dream of having a large designer luxury bag from Louis Vuitton. And because of its expensive price, bag owners make sure to take care of them properly, but not one Taiwanese grandma.

According to World of Buzz, a Taiwanese woman generously gifted her grandmother a Louis Vuitton bag to replace a worn out bag that she had been using for a long time. She posted her story in detail in a social media post.

In an attempt to please her grandma, she bought the classic Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag and gave it to her. However, when she got the chance to visit her grandma once again, she was shocked to find out how her grandmother had been using the designer bag.

Probably oblivious of the brand, her grandmother said that she had been using her Louis Vuitton as shopping bag to carry grocery items and even fresh fish.

But after seeing how happy her grandmother was, who said her Louis Vuitton bag is “good” and “waterproof”, she decided not to burst her bubble and didn’t make a big deal of what her grandma made of the bag.

“I’ve already did my part as her granddaughter, as long as she is happy, I’m satisfied,” the generous granddaughter said.

She posted about it on social media where it caught the attention of netizens, with one saying that her grandma must be the “most fashionable” in the market.

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