Taiwanese woman eaten by her 5 dogs after death

Taiwanese woman eaten by her 5 dogs after death
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Michelle De Pacina
January 30, 2023
A 21-year-old woman in Taiwan was eaten by her five dogs shortly after her death. 
The disfigured body of the woman, identified as Huang, was discovered by her boyfriend at their apartment in Taichung City on Jan. 21 at around 10 p.m. local time.
On the day of the incident, Huang and her boyfriend attended a family reunion dinner at 6 p.m. After the celebration, Huang reportedly felt ill and went home to rest while her boyfriend went to work.
Huang’s boyfriend notified the police, believing she had been killed by her dogs.
Police declared Huang dead upon arrival at the scene. Her body was reportedly gnawed by the dogs and mutilated to the extent that her skull and internal organs were exposed.
According to Huang’s boyfriend, she had undergone kidney dialysis treatment for the past two weeks.
Following the dialysis, Huang developed epilepsy symptoms, which then required her to take medication for both epilepsy and liver disease.
Following preliminary investigations by forensics, it was determined that Huang was eaten by her dogs after her death. 
The dogs reportedly ate her body out of hunger. 
According to reports, there were no signs of forced entry at the victim’s apartment. There were also no signs of fighting or struggling from Huang. 
The exact cause of her death is still being determined. 
Huang raised five dogs, including two French bulldogs, one English bulldog, one golden retriever and one mixed-breed.
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