Taiwanese teacher pissed off over inattentive students does what other teachers can only dream of doing

Taiwanese teacher flips desks

A Taiwanese teacher went viral on TikTok after a video was uploaded of her flipping tables inside her classroom during what appears to be an emotional outburst following the reopening of classes.

About the video: The viral clip shows the teacher, who is in her 30s, taking out her frustration on several desks in a high school in Taichung on Sept. 13, according to AsiaOne.

  • The teacher, whose name was not revealed, reportedly injured a student during her meltdown where she flipped six tables, a spokesperson for the school told reporters.
  • She is reportedly known to have high expectations of her students and got frustrated at them when they were not giving their full attention during class after returning from home-based schooling.
  • The school decided to let her go with a warning after she apologized to the hurt student and agreed to pay for their medical bills.

Effects of home-based schooling: Aside from students, teachers have also been affected by the sudden switch to and from home-based schooling because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • A survey report released by the Singapore Counselling Centre in September showed 81.1% of teachers said their mental health was affected by the changes, while 62.5% said their physical health was affected.
  • Despite the challenges faced by our teachers, they have responded with adaptability and flexibility to continue teaching amid the changes brought about by the pandemic,” the report read. “However, in the face of constant stress and exhaustion, it is undoubtedly challenging for teachers to deliver their best work.”
  • Some of the issues teachers face in the workplace include work-life balance, workload, students’ behavior, lack of recognition and COVID-19.

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