Taiwanese Politician Caught Using Heavily Photoshopped Campaign Pictures

Wang Zhiya, a candidate in a local election in Taipei, Taiwan, faced ridicule after netizens believed that her campaign pictures were heavily photoshopped and looked nothing like her.

via Instagram / wangchihya

Wang posted several pictures on Facebook last week of herself standing by one of her campaign posters, according to Liberty Times Net as translated by Shanghaiist.

However, Taiwanese internet users couldn’t help but notice that the woman on the poster looks oddly different from the one running in the local election.

via Instagram / wangchihya

Netizens started posting nasty comments about Wang by making fun of the fact that the woman in picture looks much younger than her.

“Oh, is she helping her granddaughter run for office?” one Facebook user wrote.

via LTN

Some users did a little research about Wang and it turns out, she appeared in a goofy music video four years ago. Others noted that she does look different now.

Wang responded to the comments criticizing the campaign posters by joking that the stress of running for a position in her local government has taken a toll on her looks. She added that “reality is always cruel, photoshop is always beautiful.”

via Facebook / HannahChihYaWang

Wang then promised that she will do right by her photo editor and start hitting the gym, and making plans to lose three kilograms (6.6 pounds) in the next three weeks.

Featured Image via Instagram / wangchihya

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