Taiwanese News Anchor Refuses to Pay $7 to Salon in Thailand Over ‘Cultural Difference’

Taiwanese News Anchor Refuses to Pay $7 to Salon in Thailand Over ‘Cultural Difference’Taiwanese News Anchor Refuses to Pay $7 to Salon in Thailand Over ‘Cultural Difference’
Kyle Encina
October 17, 2017
A Taiwanese news anchor got into a scuffle with a salon owner in Thailand not just because of poor service, but also due to their cultural differences and apparent language barrier.
Taiwanese journalist Huang “Vivi” Ruowei and her friend had an altercation at a salon in Siam Square after they refused to pay 250 Thai Baht ($7.50) for the service.
In Taiwanese culture, customers can refuse to pay if they’re not satisfied with the service. However, Phoenix One salon owner and social media personality Jax Phoenix wasn’t willing to let the Taiwan news anchor off the hook that easily.
Footage of the altercation showed Vivi and her friend complaining while the salon owner yelled at them, and swiped down the journalist’s mobile phone. The Taiwanese news anchor then took to social media to express her discontent, claiming that she was charged 100 Thai Baht more than what they originally booked.
Vivi then complained about the establishment’s poor air conditioning, and that her hair was washed with cold water. The news anchor claimed that the Thai owner even threatened to lock her and her friend inside the salon.
To the salon’s defense, Jax explained that they gave Vivi a discount and were asking the customers to leave since they wouldn’t pay, but she refused to do so.
Video recording of the scuffle went viral on social media as netizens pointed out the flaws of both Taiwanese and Thai cultures.
Chinese-language teachers in Thailand named Jer and Bo explained that both the difference in customs and miscommunication are what fueled the confrontation, according to Shanghaiist.
Refusing to pay for unsatisfactory service in Taiwan is accepted, but the two explained that Vivi shouldn’t have done it in Thailand, especially since she’s a visitor in the country.
The feud between might be over, but netizens expressed their disdain over the incident’s negative portrayal on Taiwanese culture.
According to Khaosod, a social media user exclaimed, “Please everyone, don’t let these two negatively affect your opinion of Taiwanese. Most of us are friendly and not spoiled like they are.”
Fortunately, both parties managed to settle their differences and publicly apologized to each other back at the salon. Vivi even gave the Thai owner a stuffed animal for all her troubles while Jax vowed to improve her salon’s service.
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