Taiwanese Model Could Face 7 Years in Jail for Public Breast Groping Videos in Hong Kong

Taiwanese Model Could Face 7 Years in Jail for Public Breast Groping Videos in Hong Kong

March 14, 2018
A busty Taiwanese model identified as Yui Yui could face jail time after a video showing her letting a man grope her breasts in public in Hong Kong went viral.
According to Hong Kong lawyers who spoke with Apple Daily, the model, who has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram and more than 32,000 on Facebook, could face a maximum of seven years in jail for her videos.
The “Outraging Public Decency” act law states, “The offence is intended to prevent the corruption of the mind and the destruction or erosion of values of decency, morality and good order.”
Shanghaiist reported that the video surfaced on the internet last week. The clip starts off with the duo inside a house.
The person taking the video, presumably a man, gestures for Yui Yui to come over. After approaching him, the man then cups her breasts and squeezes it.
The couple takes their indecent game outside the privacy of their home as the video progresses. Many of the footage were shot in various public settings including in a bus, on the street where people can be seen walking by, and on a crowded platform of a train station.
Hong Kong parents, meanwhile, expressed outrage over Yui Yui’s actions in public, complaining that she’s setting a bad example for the city’s youth.
Netizens on the other hand called out the woman and described her video as “shameful,” Coconuts Hong Kong reported.
Others, however, took their criticism too far by accusing the model of getting a sex change. “This is clearly a man who had a sex change,” one commenter wrote.
Image Screenshots via YouTube / 第一手資訊潘朵拉
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