Taiwanese Models Sticks Hundreds of Needles in Her Face to Maker it ‘Smaller’

Taiwanese Models Sticks Hundreds of Needles in Her Face to Maker it ‘Smaller’Taiwanese Models Sticks Hundreds of Needles in Her Face to Maker it ‘Smaller’
Belle Zhuo, a Taiwanese model shocked her Instagram followers after posting a picture of her face covered in tiny needles.
Zhuo, also known as Bear Genie, boasts more than 542,000 followers on the platform. She previously won FHM’s 100 Sexiest Woman in Taiwan.
On Wednesday, however, Zhuo sparked concerns after sharing a photo of her face with tiny needles sticking out. Some joked that she looked like a hedgehog.
Apparently, the 32-year-old social media star was trying out a new trend called face acupuncture, which supposedly minimizes the size of one’s face.
Image via Instagram / @beargenie
“After bone-toning massage, face acupuncture is now the trend [to achieve a smaller-looking face]. [I heard that] bone-toning massages are extremely painful, so I’m not trying them,” she wrote in the post.
In an accompanying clip, blood is seen oozing out of Zhuo’s face as the therapist takes the needles out.
Image via Instagram / @beargenie
Some users asked whether the procedure actually hurt, but Zhuo assured them that it did not as much as she thought it would.
“It might look scary; but it really isn’t that painful … I’m looking forward to the results — a mini face!”
Apart from pain concerns, Zhuo’s post drew various other comments:
“This is so scary.”
“Oh my… So many needles.”
“Pay attention to health and safety.”
“Why do you have to do this? Don’t believe in these kinds of treatment. You already have a small face.”
“I used to have traditional practices for my face before, but I ended up being unable to use any mask at all. My skin care products must also be picked very carefully. I guess it’s because everyone’s skin is different.”
Featured Images via Instagram / @beargenie
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