Taiwanese Man Forced to Sell PS5 After Wife Learns It’s Not an Air Purifier

Taiwanese Man Forced to Sell PS5 After Wife Learns It’s Not an Air Purifier

December 7, 2020
A Taiwanese Facebook user shared a story on how he bought his PlayStation 5 from a man who was forced to sell the gaming console after his wife found out it was not an air purifier.
Jin Wu bought a PlayStation 5 from a seller he found online, according to his Facebook post on Nov. 21, as translated by Taiwan News.
He eventually agreed to pick up the gaming console, and when he called the listed number, a woman, who sounded very eager to sell the PS5, answered the phone.
Wu was surprised by how cheap the PlayStation 5 console was when he bought it. He also said it was the cheapest one he had seen online. Wu did not disclose the price.
When the day to get the console finally came, Wu did not expect to see a middle-aged man who looked like an avid gamer handing him his purchase. When asked where he bought the console, the man said he purchased it from the e-commerce website PChome.
“Did you buy two? Otherwise, why are you selling it?” Wu asked the man after giving him a compliment for a good deal. The seller finally revealed the full story behind it and said, “My wife wants to sell it.”
“I went silent after seeing the look in his eyes. I could feel his pain,” Wu said via Unilad.
Wu’s story has been shared more than 4,000 times on Facebook, with one user writing, “Well, being dishonest with your significant other will bring forth this kind of situation. Not siding with anybody, I mean the man should’ve been honest to begin with and the wife should allow the man to enjoy his hobbies and interests free of conflict.”
Many people have poked fun at the design of the new Sony gaming console since June.
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