Taiwanese Man Keeps Heartbreaking Promise to Get Engaged to Girlfriend at Her Funeral

A 30-year-old Taiwanese man kept his promise by throwing an engagement party for his recently deceased fiancé at her funeral.

The man, who is only identified by his surname Tsai, threw the engagement party during the funeral of his fiancé, Ms. Chen, at Changhua City Funeral & Cemeteries Service in Changhua, Taiwan, on Wednesday, according to The Straits Times.

Tsai decorated the funeral hall to look like an engagement party venue complete with colorful heart-shaped balloons, pink backdrops and roses, and even a banner saying: “We are engaged.” He also put a golden ring on his fiancé’s finger while wearing a groom’s attire to commemorate their union for the final time.

While speaking with Apple Daily, the boss of the parlor was touched by Tsai’s love to Chen that he did not charge him for the decorations he used for the service.

The 23-year-old dental clinic nurse was involved in a traffic accident on August 26 while riding her scooter.

Tsai became worried when her five months pregnant fiancé did not return home from her work on the day of the accident. He traced back her route and discovered her scooter lying on the side of the road, AsiaOne reported.

I called her mobile phone but she did not pick up. I went out to search for her but discovered the remains of her scooter,” Tsai recalled while speaking to reporters at the time of the funeral.

He received a phone call from the hospital shortly after, telling him that Chen passed away from severe head injuries caused by the accident.

Tsai and Chen dated for five years and made plans to get married later in September after the Hungry Ghost Festival. The couple had already taken their pictures, which were supposed to be used for the wedding.

Even though it was the last time, Tsai kept his promise and fulfilled Chen’s wish of getting engaged to him. It was also revealed that she was really looking forward to starting a family with him.

Featured Image via YouTube / CTV News

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