Taiwanese Man Goes on Naked Rampage, Injures 3 People

Taiwanese Man Goes on Naked Rampage, Injures 3 PeopleTaiwanese Man Goes on Naked Rampage, Injures 3 People
Bryan Ke
May 4, 2018
A 27-year-old man went amok on May 2 in Luodong, Taiwan’s Yilang county, injuring 3 people during his wild, naked outburst.
The attack began around 8 p.m. on Wednesday at a lottery stand in Yilan when the man, identified by his surname Lin, tried to attack customers and employees of the store using a kitchen knife, Central News Agency reported, as translated by Taiwan News.
Soon after the initial attack at the lottery stand, Lin left the store and headed into the next door internet cafe. He attacked 26-year-old female employee, Tsai, who received cuts on her arms and head in an attempt to evade her attacker.
Chen, a male customer at the internet cafe, also received a couple of cuts when he tried to intervene by spraying Lin with a fire extinguisher. Lin fled the scene after the second attack and went to a coffee shop about 100 meters away, where he confronted another man named Chen.
The owner of the coffee shop reportedly made a post on Facebook after the incident. The post read: “Society is too chaotic. A frightening scene occurred outside my shop, a naked man in the street just randomly cutting people.”
His rampage was eventually put a stop when the police arrived on the scene when they were notified around 8: 16 p.m., as said in the report.
Luckily, the injuries these three people suffered were non-life threatening. They were sent to the hospital after the police arrived.
According to the report, Tsai suffered 3 to 4 centimeters knife wounds on both her arms while the two men each received two cuts in the back of their heads measuring 8 centimeters to 10 centimeters. The suspect was also taken to the hospital to treat the minor injuries he sustained before he was transferred to the police station for questioning.
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