Taiwanese Lesbian Ordered to Pay $16,000 to Groom After Leaving Him for Girlfriend

A Taiwanese woman was ordered by the court to pay around $15,000 to her groom after she left him to be with her girlfriend.

The lesbian woman, who remains unnamed, was ordered to pay the money to her ex-husband for the wedding expenses, betrothal money, and the emotional damage she caused him, according to Asia One.

The two met via a blind date that their parents set up, and because she felt the pressure from her family to marry a man, she agreed to wed the man.

However, days after the wedding that took place last year, the woman fled to be with her girlfriend and her husband was left heartbroken.

This sparked different opinions from the public. There were some that supported the woman’s decision but said that she should not have dragged the man into the problem while others felt angered because of the anti-gay people that cause “this kind of outcome.”

Taiwan has been pushing for the legalization of same-sex marriage and the bill is due for its final reading this year. If the bill is passed, they will become the first east Asian country to allow same-sex marriage.

The LGBT community hopes for a positive verdict. but the conservatives are also holding protests against same-sex marriage law because it would “destroy family values.”

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