The Power Went Out During His Performance, So Fans Lit Up the Ice With Their Phones

fans help taiwanese ice skaters with smartphone lights

When an unfortunate power failure almost ruined the performance of a talented figure skater during an international event in Taipei last week, adoring fans collectively came to the rescue by illuminating the stadium with their individual phones.

The power went out just as the scored competition rounds at the prestigious Four Continents Figure Skating Championship had ended, and skaters were performing some exhibition sets, according to SoraNews via Livedoor.

The event, which was held from Jan. 22-28, was participated by top skaters from the Americas, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

U.S. figure skating pair Tarah Kayne and Danny O’Shea were doing their set when both lights and the music suddenly disappeared. They continued the last part of their performance in the dimness of the emergency lights.

When it was the turn of Chinese skater Boyang Jin, the gold medalist of the men’s solo category who became a fan favorite for his amazing moves, it seemed like the performance would no longer push through. However, Taiwanese fans quickly came to his aid by switching on their smartphone flashlights to create an alternative light source.

The goosebumps-inciting scene, which looked like it was from an inspirational movie, allowed Jin to do his thing with the help of the illuminating tiny bright light, also creating a starry shimmering effect on the ice. While Boyang didn’t get to perform his entire exhibition, he was still able to do a few jumps for his fans.

With the fans cheering, Boyang was joined by the other athletes on the ice for their final bow.

Watch the heartwarming gesture below:

Feature Image via YouTube / figure skating and Xecret Agent

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