Taiwanese Girl Receives Filial Piety Award Days After the Grandpa She Cared for Passed Away

Taiwanese Girl Receives Filial Piety Award Days After the Grandpa She Cared for Passed Away
Ryan General
By Ryan General
December 26, 2017
A young Taiwanese girl became emotional when she received a well-deserved “filial piety” award just a few days after her grandfather she had cared for passed away due to cancer.
With tears welling up, teenager Wei Yu-xuan accepted the award from Da Chien charity foundation at Da Chien Hospital on Wednesday, saying, “[I] wanted to dedicate the award to Grandpa in the heaven.” After receiving her award, the Xin-Gang Junior High School senior student from Miaoli County went back to her seat, lowered her head, and continued sobbing. Wei’s grandpa died three days before the award ceremony.
According to Taiwan News, Wei is the eldest daughter a family of four children, with a younger sister and two younger brothers. She and her siblings have reportedly been living with their grandpa and blind great-grandmother. It was not reported whether her parents are still alive. When her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and became unable to work over a year ago, Wei took the responsibility of caring for the entire household.
According to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) social work supervisor Liu Min-yue, TFCF had been providing financial assistance to Wei and her three siblings. However, when Wei’s grandpa got sick, Wei looked after him and her blind great-grandmother while doing the household chores with her younger siblings.
Liu noted that Wei was able to remain at the top of her class even though she was busy at home tending for the young and the aged, sick members of the family. Wei would clean up her grandpa’s excrement before going to school during his final stage of cancer and then rush home at noon to prepare lunches for her ailing grandparents.
The TFCF supervisor said, “the walls at her home are fully pasted up with certificates of awards,” and then praised her for being “independent, resolute, considerate yet pitiful”.       
“Grandpa took care of us many years, and when he fell sick, I tried to do my part to take good care of him,” Wei was quoted as saying.
Wei, who was one of eight students who was given the special award this year, shared that she would try to tell her grandpa to be more positive when he occasionally gets depressed and would say something disheartening to her.  
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