Taiwanese Father’s Letter to His New Son-in-Law Brings Internet to Tears

A man who penned an earnest message for his son-in-law has been touching people’s hearts on social media.

On May 14, Ting Yi Yeh posted a video of her father reading his letter at her sister’s wedding in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on Facebook.

The man, who had not been educated and occasionally forgets how to write, insisted on doing the letter that showed how much he loves his daughter.

He said facing the couple:

“The first one to embrace her was me. The first one to kiss her was me. The first one to care for her was me. Still, I hope you will be the one who accompanies her for life.”

“But if there ever comes a day when you don’t love her anymore, please don’t tell her. Tell me. I will take her home,” he added.

The video has since raked at least 2.9 million views, with thousands praising the father and supporting the newlyweds. Many also claimed that they cried after watching.

“I’m crying!”

“Hearing those words made me eyes full and my nose run.”

“This onion is too spicy.”

“Daddy is superb. This hit me the second time.”

“He is an awesome dad, I envy you! This gentleman’s voice is full of heartfelt feelings.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Images via Facebook / 葉驊嫻

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