Hero Taiwanese Dad Destroys Overworked Son’s Homework, Tells Him to Get Some Sleep

A Taiwanese father stirred up debate online after he deliberately tore up his son’s toxic homework, which could have kept him up until daybreak.


The man, only identified as surnamed Lin, apologized to the boy’s teacher on social media on Oct. 11 after tearing his son’s textbook into pieces. He wrote, as translated by AsiaOne: “Teacher, I’ve torn up my son’s textbooks and homework. I’ve sent him to bed. Sorry.”

He became enraged after seeing his son struggle to finish a toxic homework assignment that required him to copy 22 pages from his textbook. According to his father, the boy wouldn’t have been able to finish the assignment unless he stayed up until sunrise.

It turns out that this wasn’t the first time Lin and his wife had caught their son deep into his homework way past his bedtime. In another incident, they discovered him sprawled over his assignment in the early hours of the morning.

What’s even more alarming is that his son had already been showing signs that he was dreading school; according to his father’s Facebook post last month, his son had given up all his favourite outdoor activities so that he could finish his homework.

There is no meaningful learning in copying from the textbook. My child is too young to reject such an assignment, so it is my duty as a father to help him,” he wrote.

Unhappy with the alarmingly high workload, the father discussed the matter with the school, but the two parties could unfortunately not come to a mutual understanding. Instead, the teacher insisted that the boy still had to complete the assignment.

As a result, Lin decided to transfer his son to another school.

Netizens, meanwhile, engaged in debate over the appropriateness of his actions. While some believed it was justified, others suggested that he could have communicated better, without having to resort to a display of aggression.

Featured image via Facebook / 林清華

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