Taiwanese Dad Learns to Accept His Lesbian Daughter in Touching Video

Taiwanese Dad Learns to Accept His Lesbian Daughter in Touching VideoTaiwanese Dad Learns to Accept His Lesbian Daughter in Touching Video
A recent and touching viral video features a Taiwanese father who is coming to terms with his daughter’s lesbian relationship.
Produced by group Home Is Love, the video focuses on a family that the same-sex marriage supporting organization discovered in a Facebook group. While the video was uploaded back in December, it has been widely shared just this week, reports Buzzfeed. Home Is Love has kept the names of the members of the family for privacy reasons.
The clip opens with a 65-year-old father narrating his first reactions of both shock and confusion after learning that his eldest daughter is a lesbian.
His love for his daughter, however, made him realize that while he felt unhappy, knowing that his daughter was unhappier than he was was something he could not bear.
He then began his research by reading up as much as he could about the topic.
While his other children had already married and raised families of their own, he remained deeply concerned with his eldest daughter’s situation.
When his beloved daughter finally comes home for a visit, along with her partner and daughter, he realizes that love doesn’t need to be overly complicated.
“Parents always want their children to be happy, healthy and cared for, and it’s only when he understands his daughter is happy that he discovers that love is simple,” a Home Is Love spokesperson was quoted as saying.
The video, according to the representative, hopes to help others to re-evaluate how they view family relationships and inspire them “to accept their children’s decisions, understand their needs and to love their loves.”
Taiwan may, in fact, become the first country in eastern Asia to actually legalize same-sex marriage. On Friday, the full panel of Taiwan’s Constitutional Court heard a case brought by gay rights activist Chi Chia-wei and the Taipei City government’s Department of Civil Affairs, requesting a constitutional interpretation on the issue. The ruling is expected to be decided by the panel by mid-2017.
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