Taiwanese Bro Buys Cheap “Lifelike” Sex Doll, Gets Exactly What He Paid For

Taiwanese Bro Buys Cheap “Lifelike” Sex Doll, Gets Exactly What He Paid For
Ryan General
December 26, 2017
A Taiwanese dude thought he found a great bargain online for a “lifelike” sex doll on sale at a discounted price of just $50.
The unnamed bro, however, was left disappointed when he finally opened the package he ordered earlier this month.
His unfortunate purchase led to hilarious images, which he posted on social media; eventually, they ended up in local social media site DCard.     
Apparently, the man was captivated by the online ad showcasing the dolls’ realistic beauty, voluptuous body, and slender legs.
The so-called “revolutionary product” promised to bring countless hours of happiness to single men.
The product description guaranteed that the item was made of premium plastic and silicone materials.
Described to be quite flexible, the doll was said to be adjustable to a variety of positions.
But what really convinced him to purchase the doll was its very low price of just 1,488 Taiwanese Dollars ($50 USD), as modern sex dolls of this quality can cost upwards of thousands of dollars.
Of course, such price difference already hinted something fishy from the beginning; still, he took the gamble and ordered the doll.
When the package arrived, the buyer discovered that his real-life sex doll was an old-fashioned blow-up doll made of cheap plastic.
While it did come with a head painted to look like the doll he purchased, the item was far from the advertised “revolutionary product” he thought he would get.
Horrified by the cheap doll’s naked appearance, he immediately covered her up with a shirt.
The disappointed buyer ended up venting his frustration toward the helpless doll.
Without much of a choice, however, he finally settled with his new girlfriend in the end.
Cheers to the lovely couple!
Featured Image via DCard
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