Taiwanese Boxer Kills Woman He Met on Tinder Because She Wasn’t a Virgin

Taiwanese Boxer Kills Woman He Met on Tinder Because She Wasn’t a VirginTaiwanese Boxer Kills Woman He Met on Tinder Because She Wasn’t a Virgin
Bryan Ke
May 30, 2018
A Taiwanese boxing coach killed and dismembered his girlfriend, who he met on Tinder, after he discovered she wasn’t a virgin and that she’d been chatting with other men while in a relationship with him.
The victim, identified as 27-year-old Yee-men Huang, was last seen with the suspect, 28-year-old Gary Chu, on May 20 — one day after she lost contact with her brother, according to Taiwan News.
via Taiwan News
On May 26, after one week of not having any contact with Huang, her brother posted on Facebook asking for her whereabouts, suspecting that Chu could possibly be holding her against her will.
The 28-year-old boxing coach contacted Huang’s brother later that evening to clarify that he had never been mean to the woman or even become violent towards her and that she wasn’t being held against her will. Chu even explained that he asked her to leave but she refused.
The motive for killing her was revealed in the Facebook post Chu made on May 26. He claimed that Huang used Tinder for one night stands. Chu also claimed in his social media rant that the woman told him she was still a virgin.
via Facebook / Gary K Chu
Shortly thereafter, he found out that Huang was not exactly a virgin and that she still kept using Tinder to flirt with other guys online, which led to the gruesome crime.
Police officially conducted their investigation after they were contacted by Huang’s brother. Authorities did not find Chu in his apartment in New Taipei City’s Banqiao District during their search.
During the investigation, police reviewed the surveillance footage from the building. It was revealed that Chu made a suspicious trip outside at 1 a.m. on May 22, where he was seen carrying seven trash bags and burying them in various nearby locations.
via Taiwan News
On May 27, authorities dug up what appear to be Huang’s remains scattered in seven trash bags that were buried in the flower garden.
via Taiwan News
A day later, on May 28, Chu’s body was found hung from a tree near the Ministry of Health and Welfare Hospital in Xinzhuang District, said in the report. Personal items, as well as a suicide note which reads “she wronged me,” were also found at the scene.
After the incident, Chu’s ex-wife reportedly came forward and revealed that the man was indeed abusive and that he once held her against her will, Edmonton Sun reported.
Featured image via Facebook / (Left): Gary K Chu | (Right): Sohu
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