Taiwanese-Australian Go Player Takes 2nd Place in Tournament, 1st in Netizens’ Hearts

Taiwanese-Australian Joanne Missingham finished in second place at the inaugural Senko Cup World Go Women’s Championship in Tokyo, Japan, on March 16, but came in first in the hearts of netizens.

Missingham ended up losing to Yu Zhiying of China in the international tournament for female Go players, but the photogenic 23-year-old still managed to take home the prize of three million yen ($28,000), SoraNews24 reported.

Choi Jeong defeated Fujisawa Rina in the final for the 3rd place, according to the International Go Federation.

Missingham, a seventh dan-ranked player, was born in Australia before moving to Taiwan with her family at the age of 4. She took up playing Go at a young age and maintained the hobby when she moved to San Diego, California, at age 11.

Missingham began closely studying the game in Beijing when she was 15, and has competed in several international competitions over the years.

She attracted attention in 2011 after boycotting the Qiandeng Cup because male Go players were paid each game, while female players went home with nothing, according to Taiwan News.

Besides Go, Missingham also enjoys snowboarding, going for a swim, staying in shape with yoga, and playing the piano and a traditional Chinese instrument called pipa.

And when she is not crushing players at Go competitions, Missingham likes to let loose and have fun with her friends.

Photos via Instagram / jiajia94526

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